Wednesday, 6 July 2016


When performing reading "Madagascar, the great Indian Island" to the English language,
it was so difficult because there were many terms that I didn’t know and I had to use 
the dictionary to consult the unknown idiomatic terms and try to identify and understand
the right term that really fit to the reading sense and do not decontextualize the real 
meaning of the text, it was due to cultural environment., for example asiatica, deforestation
off-road, as well as native word of India which I unknown and I did spend a lot of time
to discover this kind of words. From the foregoing, it was necessary to use the dictionary 
and translator to improve the understanding of the text and to make a good translation of
the text.

Due to the number of words from the country of India, which I took directly without translating
apply the technique of the loan, just apply the technique of calque it was to translate phrases
for word to give meaning to prayer, finally when I was with phrases that should change its 
grammatical form used the technique transposition. 

Using these techniques I learned new meanings of words much more increase my vocabulary.

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